The Châtel de Theys, classified as a historical monument, is a knight’s house that stands proudly on the Balcon de Belledonne, above the Isère valley. In this majestic place, we plan to make you marvel at the story of a knight of the Round Table as discovered by the men and women of the 13th century.

Indeed, the Châtel de Theys owes its reputation as a unique site in the world to the large reception room which contains an exceptional painted decoration of 150 m2 telling the story of Perceval, the knight at the origin of the quest for the Grail. This room has kept its original aspect, with its monumental fireplace to warm the guests, its stone sink and its latrines to respect the rules of hygiene and propriety, its windows with cushions to admire the landscape and enjoy the daylight.

The wealth and nobility of the owners can be seen in the still shimmering colors of the decor painted more than 700 years ago that enliven every corner of this space conducive to the enhancement of the master of the house.