Surprising graffiti

Another exceptional aspect of the painted decoration of the Châtel de Theys lies in the presence of graffiti probably dating back to the last centuries of the Middle Ages.

We discover horses, Gothic letters, but also new coats of arms.

Among these emblazoned shields which were to serve as signatures – in the same way that some inscribe their names on monuments to leave a trace of their passage – we recognize among others the coats of arms of the Lords of Theys and Baron des Adrets.

We note the skill with which the authors of these graffiti drew with a sure line their frames and their coats of arms, taking care to choose to make these discreet sketches parts of the decor that did not include figures and preferably dark backgrounds. . We also notice that it is the red backgrounds that have been preferred, thus corresponding to the real color of the coat of arms.

This additional layer of drawings evokes life in the Châtel and offers us a vision with a new historical depth. Indeed, if the murals inform us about the concerns of the lord about the staging of his person in the most important room of his home, the graffiti testify to another aspect of the life of these places, relating to habits of guests in the Middle Ages.