Reconstruct the Châtel as in the Middle Ages

Even if today some volumes of the Châtel de Theys have disappeared, it is possible to get a fairly precise idea of what it could look like thanks to the various archaeological clues still visible. We already know that it is made up of two buildings built a few decades apart.

The study of the measurements used by the masons and the proportions of the different levels allows us to say that the first building was slightly higher than today and, before the second building was built, it had an external staircase. which provided direct access to the large, richly decorated reception room.

View of building 1 with building 2 in plan (drawing: Lei Huang)

Then arose the second building, which was much more spacious than the first and a little higher. It was therefore necessary to raise the first building and adapt the roof to the whole. Thus the Châtel had large rooms, most of them equipped with fireplaces, and latrines were provided in the two buildings, on different floors. This made it an imposing building which could receive people in very suitable comfort. The reception room with its painted decoration completed the richness of the reception.

View of the Châtel de Theys around 1350 (Design: Lei Huang) the reception.