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Why help restore the Châtel de Theys?

So that we, our children and all future generations can enjoy a rare heritage. To do this, we must start by saving it from progressive ruin. Such a project requires the participation of each and every one of us, because it is a heritage that we must take care of out of respect for our ancestors and out of passion for our history.

Small streams make big rivers…

All our donations are essential, even the smallest. The popularity of this subscription will mean that the restoration of the Châtel affects everyone and that everyone, whatever their means, wants to enjoy this wonderful place with their family one day, to enrich their culture and feed their imagination.

The counterparts

  • For any donation: a choice of wallpapers on the theme of “Châtel”.
  • 200 € and more: registration of your name on the ” Patrons ” page of the official Châtel website.
  • 500 € and more: previous benefits + inscription of your name on a wall of the Châtel dedicated to the Patrons.
  • 1000 € and more: previous counterparts + guided tour of the site in progress with the project manager (medievalist, specialist in medieval wall paintings).
  • 2500 € and more: previous prizes + private VIP visit of the site.
  • 10,000 € and more: previous benefits + registration on the list of “Great Patrons” of the building and the website.

How to pay? Online at the Helloasso or at the Fondation du patrimoine (follow one of the two links by clicking on it).