A listed historical monument

It was during the inventory campaign undertaken in 1991 that the painted decoration of the great hall (or aula) of the Châtel de Theys was rediscovered. Although it had never been covered by plaster or other wallpaper – unlike most of the medieval painted decorations still preserved – its origin and value had been forgotten over the centuries and only a trained eye could attribute this vast covering decoration, with its modern geometry and colors, to the Middle Ages.

The priceless nature of this discovery led the Commission des Monuments Historiques to accept the classification of the whole of the buildings and its painted decoration as soon as the dossier was first presented. This classification also implies the protection of the site within a radius of 500 meters around the Châtel.

Although a detailed archaeological analysis has yet to be carried out in order to fully understand the evolution of the construction of this fortified house, the studies carried out so far have made it possible not only to grasp the broad outlines, but above all to discover the literary source the origin of the scenes painted in the medallions that dot the walls.

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