A ceremonial room unique in the world

The painted decoration of the large ceremonial room of the Châtel de Theys follows a compositional scheme that is well known in other ensembles. In the lower part of the room, there is a false hanging, then in the middle part, the largest and most important, there is a very colorful geometric network within which are placed historiated quatrefoils as well as medallions. Finally, in the upper part, a frieze alternates coats of arms with decorative plant motifs.

However, although we know this type of composition from other examples, none of them has retained such a large painted surface (more than 150 m2), because successive rearrangements of the living spaces have destroyed all or part of the medieval decorations. In the case of Theys, we have preserved a very complete ensemble which, moreover, matches the original fittings, i.e. the fireplace, the washbasin, the windows with cushions and even the latrine door on which the geometric network can still be seen.

Thus, it is easy to understand why the painted room of Theys is exceptional. Indeed, doesn’t it give us the impression that the inhabitants of the Middle Ages have just left the room, leaving their surroundings untouched so that we can relive their daily lives?